Elderly shoplifting case dismissed

An elderly client with dementia was referred to Casey after being arrested and charged with shoplifting for leaving a Fred Meyer grocery store without paying for the items in her cart. After procuring letters from the client’s doctors and explaining the...

Harassment & assault = not guilty at trial

Noland was bumped in the bathroom of a crowded, public area, in close quarters. Thinking nothing of it, he went to the sink to wash his hands. That’s when he realized the man who had bumped into him was angrily staring him down. Telling him in so many words to buzz...

Reckless driving and assault charges dismissed

 Emeril was driving on his way to work when he saw a car weaving in and out of traffic. Suddenly, the car cut off Emeril, and he couldn’t stop fast enough, resulting in a rear-end collision. The other driver pushed Emeril, and Emeril punched back. The city...
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