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If you have been arrested for Domestic Violence (DV) or are even suspected of a DV offense, you know first-hand the toll this can take on you and your loved ones. You need an experienced and aggressive DV Defense Attorney in your corner as soon as possible. Call Puget Law Group now at (253) 627-4696 to discuss your situation and to schedule a free consultation.

What Does "Domestic Violence" Mean?

A crime of Domestic Violence, or "DV," is one that involves an alleged "victim" with whom the accused has a "family or household relationship," according to Washington law (RCW 10.99.020 (3)). "Family or household relationship" could mean a current or former spouse or someone with whom the accused had a current or prior dating relationship, a family member, or current or former roommate. Common Domestic Violence offenses include such as Assault, No Contact / Protection Order Violation, Malicious Mischief, Stalking, and Harassment.

I've Been Charged With a DV Offense. How Can You Help?

DV Defense Attorney Dan Gerl has the experience and the knowledge to navigate through the system and will use these assets and resources to protect your record and your future.

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Dan Gerl is a former DV prosecutor with eight years experience handling DV cases throughout Western Washington, including Seattle, Federal Way, and Tacoma. As a prosecutor in King County and Pierce County, Dan was assigned to a Domestic Violence case rotation, handling hundreds of DV cases during that time. Dan has the knowledge that comes with years of prosecuting and defending Domestic Violence cases that can make the difference for those accused of DV crimes, including Assault, No Contact or Protection Order Violation, Harassment, and Malicious Mischief among others.

As a former DV prosecutor, Dan has the ability to see both sides of a case, and he knows first-hand how prosecutors evaluate their cases. He has the experience to advise you of what your options are at any stage, and the skills and expertise to negotiate a favorable resolution – or if necessary, to fight for your rights at trial. Dan's case successes and former clients speak for themselves.

“Dan represented me in a DV case. He handled it as if I was his only client. He was able to very clearly explain all of the steps of the legal process... he genuinely cared about my case from the first time we talked all the way through the trial day. His representation resulted in a dismissal of my case morning of trial. Although I hope to never need future legal help, if I ever did, I would return to Dan without a second thought. I would 100% recommend Dan Gerl for anyone in need of representation.”

If you or someone you know is facing a DV offense you are probably familiar with the fear and uncertainty that comes with a pending criminal matter. An arrest for a DV offense can result in a No Contact Order preventing contact with your loved ones - whether they ask for it it or not.

A conviction for a crime of Domestic Violence could cause you to lose your right to possess firearms, require you to complete expensive DV "Batterer's Treatment," and be placed on probation for up to five years. A conviction can also leave you with a permanent criminal record, jail time, fines and monetary penalties, and diminished employment and housing opportunities, not to mention humiliation and damage to your relationships with family and friends.

If you are facing a DV charge, the time to act is now. Call the DV defense team at Puget Law Group now at (253) 627-4696.


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