Free Passes?

Posted by Daniel J. Gerl | Apr 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

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“There are no more free passes for those who choose to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” Washington Governor Jay Inslee said recently at a news conference with a bipartisan group of state lawmakers as they unveiled a new DUI bill, HB 2030/SB5912.

"Free passes," Gov. Inslee?

Tell that to the DUI arrestee who just got her DUI charge dismissed in court because the arresting officer lacked probable cause to arrest her - but only after spending thousands of dollars in legal fees, losing her license, and having to pay for an Ignition Interlock Device in her car, as well as high-risk insurance for the next 3 years.

Tell that to the first-time arrestee who, in addition to those same high legal fees and license suspension, lost his CDL, his job, and his sole source of income to support his family of 6.

Your knee-jerk (and politically-motivated) reaction to two recent tragedies reminds me of another (politically-motivated) knee-jerk reaction about ten years ago, though I doubt you'll draw the same level of criticism because no one cares what happens to people charged with DUI, nor what the DOL is free to do, and WILL do, to them. Because even those arrested for a first DUI offense are, in your thoughtful words, "terrorists."

People who drive while impaired are entitled to due process, and if proven guilty, deserve punishment. Fair enough. Wanna make them your soapbox? Go for it. Just drop the crap about "free passes," Inslee. Because it couldn't be further from the truth. Which means you're either stupid or a liar.

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Dan Gerl is a former prosecutor with over ten years of experience handling DUI, criminal and traffic cases throughout Western Washington. Dan handled hundreds of traffic infractions, avoiding negative impact on driving records over 98% of the time . If you are cited with a traffic or speeding infraction, and you want to keep your record clean, Puget Law Group is your best defense!


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