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Juvenile Offenses

Juveniles accused of a criminal conduct require representation immediately. Juveniles can quickly find themselves trapped in the criminal justice system with life-altering consequences. Our defense team understands the concept that juveniles are different than adults — research on adolescent brain & behavioral development is evolving rapidly. The potential implications on a juvenile’s future require strong, compassionate and professional advocacy at all stages of criminal proceedings.

Second degree assault with firearm enhancement dismissed

Casey assisted a client being prosecuted for assault in the second degree with a firearm enhancement in King County Superior Court (Regional Justice Center). The client was also charged with a misdemeanor assault. By way of negotiation with the prosecutor, Casey was able to have the felony assault 2 charge and the corresponding 24 month sentencing enhancement dismissed upon a plea to the misdemeanor. The client was very pleased with Casey’s work in helping him avoid a felony conviction and prison time.

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