February 2013

Andy was arrested for DUI. Following arrest, the officer claimed he found a baggie of cocaine in the rear area where Andy had been sitting just moments before en route to the jail.

Despite having no criminal history, Andy was facing up to 9 months in jail and a felony record, as well as a DUI conviction and 90 day license suspension.

Dan conducted an investigation that blew holes in the officer's case for possession, convincing the prosecuting attorney that the drug charges had no merit. The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the felony and to reduce the DUI to Reckless Driving. Dan further negotiated a 12 month deferred sentence for the Reckless Driving. A year later, after completing community service, Andy's Reckless Driving charge was dismissed. Andy's record is clean.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense, DUI / DWI

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Daniel J. Gerl

Dan Gerl is a former prosecutor with over ten years of experience handling DUI, criminal and traffic cases throughout Western Washington. Dan handled hundreds of traffic infractions, avoiding negative impact on driving records over 98% of the time . If you are cited with a traffic or speeding infraction, and you want to keep your record clean, Puget Law Group is your best defense!


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