October 2012

Following nearly a year of intensive investigation by a team of King County Sheriff's detectives, "Kate" was charged with DV assault of her young daughter. As a result, she lost her job at a large legal agency.

"Kate" hired Dan Gerl to defend her. Following an interview of the alleged victim, Dan pointed out several inconsistencies between her statements at the interview and statements given to the detectives in the earlier investigation.

After several months and just weeks before trial, Dan persuaded the prosecutor to dismiss the case against "Kate." Dan also successfully negotiated to have a CPS finding of “neglect” reversed and dismissed.

"Kate" hopes to pursue law studies and sit for the Bar exam – both of which would have been all but impossible with a DV Assault conviction on her record. Read her review of Dan's efforts here.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence

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Daniel J. Gerl

Dan Gerl is a former prosecutor with over ten years of experience handling DUI, criminal and traffic cases throughout Western Washington. Dan handled hundreds of traffic infractions, avoiding negative impact on driving records over 98% of the time . If you are cited with a traffic or speeding infraction, and you want to keep your record clean, Puget Law Group is your best defense!


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