Physical control reduced to Negligent Driving 1

In DUI cases, one of the issues that we closely scrutinize is the legal basis for the traffic stop. In this case, Demarcus was stopped for having a green light bulb in his headlights. After thoroughly researching the traffic laws, we found that there was no law that...

Second DUI charge in 6 months dismissed

Shelley was arrested for DUI six months after being arrested previously for the same charge. Because of the new DUI arrest, Shelley’s original attorney advised her that she had no choice but to plead guilty as charged on that first DUI or face high bail for the...

DUI refusal trial verdict = not guilty

Charged with both DUI and refusing the breath test, Warren faced demotion and separation from the military just two years shy of retirement. Separation would have meant a Dishonorable Discharge and loss of pension and benefits after a 15 year career of dedicated...
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