“I was charged with a DUI with a breath test over .17. I hired Puget Law Group to defend me. Being convicted or even accepting a lesser DUI related plea would cost me my 22 year career as well as possibly destroy my family.

Nicholas Andrews represented me during this difficult process. Nick took the time to understand my situation and what I would be willing to accept. To say the least, I put him in an uphill battle for a favorable outcome. Communication with Nick was fantastic — clear and open. All my questions were answered and I received regular updated calls regarding the case.

Nick struck a deal with the prosecution to dismiss my DUI and had new charges re-filed under reckless driving with a two year continuance and a total dismissal after two years. My DOL hearing had a favorable outcome as well.

I truly thank Nick for his dedication, relentless efforts, and open communication during this process. I do highly recommended Nick and PLG to anyone who finds themselves in this type of situation.”