Dan (Criminal Defense Client)

Feb 20, 2019

“More importantly, he continually reinforced the positives and kept my spirits up throughout the length of the case. I was able to be mentally present for a 50 hour work week, a wife, and 4 kids during this whole ordeal. My first experience with an attorney was a nightmare and I wasn’t sure what to expect this time. Dan was sincere and actually cared about the case. I work for a major local corporation and this would have ended my career; facing 30 days in jail was a nightmare waiting to happen.

Amazingly, Dan was able to reduce my Driving While Suspended charge – and mandatory month in jail – to a simple traffic infraction and fine. I couldn’t believe it. My whole world was on the brink of disaster and through Dan’s hard work – he saved me and my family from a life changing experience. I recommend Dan to anyone regardless of their situation. He’s worth every penny and more! He never judged me and helped me understand that good people sometimes make stupid decisions. I was only driving because my friend wasn’t feeling well and asked me to get us off the interstate. I never thought a simple favor would turn into what Dan helped me through. I truly believe my life would be upside down right now if I hadn’t met Dan. Thanks Dan!”