“8 years ago I was pulled over for a DUI after moving here from an eastern state. As I had no understanding of DUI laws in Washington, I refused to take the breath test resulting in a mandatory one year suspension and much grief and loss of money.

In February of this year I was again pulled over for supposedly weaving across lanes. I had a better understanding of the law and followed all that was asked of me. After spending over $20,000 for my first offense and receiving little to no legal benefits, I determined to find a lawyer that would listen and plan a defense that worked in my favor.

Dan was able to have my DOL suspension dropped due to an improper stop. As we dealt with the court case he was diligent in moving the case forward and we eventually settled for reduction to Reckless Driving, with no jail time, a one month suspension and 6 months of classes.

As a white collar executive, I was deeply concerned on the effects this case might have on my career. Dan worked hard to make sure all court appearances, interviews and court ordered classes were scheduled around my job. I can assure you that he did an excellent job at a fraction of the cost of my previous attorney. I would recommend Dan Gerl to anyone who is in need of a motivated, competent, compassionate lawyer.”