“Casey helped to turn a negative experience into one in which I felt confident, knowledgeable, in control and, most importantly, he gave me peace of mind. When I walked in to Casey’s office, I expected to feel judged and criminalized, but he instantly demonstrated his humanistic nature. He understands that being charged with a crime does not mean a person is bad by nature. This allowed me to feel more comfortable speaking honestly with him and even gave me personal comfort when dealing with my transgressions. His easy demeanor and compassion lent a positive atmosphere to every communication we had and made the entire episode more tolerable. Additionally, his confidence and communicativeness about the progress of the case helped to put my mind at ease.

Of course, all the good intentions in the world don’t mean a thing if a lawyer isn’t proficient. Casey, I am glad to say, is able to back up his confidence with real results. The outcome of my case was much more favorable than what is generally expected, and I have no doubt it was his hard work and attentiveness that made it possible.”