“HIGHLY recommended! A few months ago, I found Puget Law Group (specifically Zannie Carlson) after being charged with a DUI. Zannie was very professional, straightforward, and genuinely interested in helping me with my case. No promises were made, but I was given an idea of what she was able to accomplish in the past with cases like mine if I did what was asked of me when I was asked to do it. Long story short, we entered a resolution and the charge was reduced to reckless driving.

While serving my sentence (electronic home monitoring) I needed the court to approve my attendance at a family function that was not originally on my schedule. Zannie worked late on a Friday night with the house arrest company to make sure I was able to attend the family gathering. This was after she went to the courthouse to push through the court order with the judge! WOW!!! Thank you again!

If you’re thinking, “Hey, I don’t want to pay for a lawyer. It’s not worth it,” think again. The attorneys at Puget Law Group are familiar with the prosecutors and judges and know how to work with them. I set up a payment plan, and basically sat back and let them work their magic. I cannot stress this enough — they know what they’re doing.”