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Kimberly (DV Defense Case)

“Words can’t explain Dan Gerl. Dan is trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable, tactful, realistic and an asset to the justice system. Dan is very thorough and realistic with his clients. Dan looks at the big picture, realistic approach and outcomes. Dan is on top of things. With Dan on my case, there was never a time I had to ask how things were going or what was next… Dan was always 100 miles ahead of me with interviews, planning and tactic. I would recommend Dan to anyone during these stressful times.

I contacted Dan on a case that seemed very simple… after the first appearance it was very clear that this was the most complex case of its type that I believe this Judge had even seen in a long time. Dan dissected every piece of the case, took his time, kept me informed and stuck by my side completely. The case was eventually dismissed! If you are in need of a knowledgeable, confident and caring attorney Dan Gerl is the man. Dan is confident, knows his stuff, is very realistic and genuinely takes pride in his cases. I can’t thank Dan Gerl enough.”