“Recently I hired Puget Law Group with Nick Andrews. My now wife (then fiancée) was charged with DUI and facing 90+ days in jail and other horrible consequences. Her last lawyer basically told her to prepare for 90 days of jail and threw his hands up. I was ASTONISHED at his lack of help!

So the next day when my wife was at work, I started researching a new lawyer I could surprise my wife with and hire. I found the Puget Law Group and got linked up with Nick in his office.

Fast forward to her sentencing. We obviously were stressed out. As soon as we arrived at the courthouse, however, Nick had great news for us: he had negotiated a deal with the prosecutor to get 99% of the mandatory state minimum jail time suspended! He also was able to push this time out so we could spend the holidays together!

When Nick spoke in court, the judge’s facial expression showed respect and an eagerness to listen to what he had to say. Nick has a demeanor that demands his respect. When he talks, everyone listens!

We both couldn’t be happier with the outcome! If I ever need a lawyer I too will be using Nick. If you have the honor of having him in your corner, you will get the best outcome possible. THANK YOU NICK! THANK YOU PUGET LAW GROUP!”