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At Puget Law Group, we fight speeding tickets and other moving violations in Tacoma, Olympia, and Seattle. In that time, we've successfully kept tickets off our clients' records over 98% of the time. That's right - over 98% of the time.

If you have recently been cited for a traffic infraction in Tacoma, Olympia, or Seattle call us now at (253) 627-4696 for a free consultation. You can also use our Contact Form (right) for a free evaluation of your case.

Q. "I Know I Was Speeding. What's the Point in Fighting It?"

Because you DON'T know, that's why. It's not what you think you did, or ever what the officer thinks you did - it's whether or not they can PROVE it. If you don't fight it, you don't have a chance of avoiding it going on your record. If you DO fight it, with Puget Law Group in your corner, your chances of success are over 95%.

Getting a traffic ticket, particularly a moving violation such as a speeding or failure to obey a traffic signal offense, can have long-lasting effects on your driving record and your insurance rates may increase for years. If you hold a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), you will have “points” assessed against you; you will lose your license with only two points in three years! If you or a loved one is a minor driving on an Intermediate License, two traffic infractions will result in a suspension for up to six months or longer.

If you get a ticket, whatever you do, do NOT simply pay the fine; by doing so, you "plead committed" - admitting you committed the offense, and if this was for a moving offense it will go on your record.

I GOT A SPEEDING TICKET back in 2012 in Tacoma, WA. I did not want to take the time off work to fight it so I retained Puget Law Group. Dan got it dismissed and it was such a relief knowing this ticket would not go on my record. I highly recommend him, he's the man! "

Q. Why Should I Hire a Traffic Attorney to Defend My Traffic Infraction?

AVOID THE HASSLE. Our Traffic Ticket Attorneys will do all the work for you. They will immediately file the necessary legal notices and demand that the prosecutor (or court) provide all the evidence (discovery) you are entitled to.

Our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the state and local court rules that govern how traffic infractions area handled in the Puget Sound area. They will find out whether or not there was an error in the filing itself, if the court takes too long to respond or set your hearing, or if the prosecutor fails to deliver the required evidence. If so, they will move to have your case dismissed. In the rare case where we need you to testify in order to defend your ticket, he will let you know well in advance and spend time helping to prepare you for your testimony.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY. When you hire Puget Law Group to defend your speeding or traffic ticket, because you will likely not need to go to court, you will save time and avoid missing work. By getting your ticket dismissed or reduced to a non-moving infraction, you will avoid having your driving record affected and your insurance rates going up.

AVOID LONG-TERM LICENSING ISSUES. When you hire Puget Law Group, you not only hire us to defend you against your ticket – you hire us to manage the outcome as well. If your ticket is dismissed, we will make sure the court's information accurately reflects this, we will get the official court order and send you a copy for your records. If your ticket is reduced to a non-moving infraction, we will follow through with you to make sure you know what if anything else needs to be done.

Q: OK - So Why Should I Hire You Guys?

Because we are successful in keeping tickets from going on your record over 98% of the time.

That's why.


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