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January 5, 2024 - Client facing second lifetime DUI has case amended to Negligent Driving |
December 22, 2023 - PLG client charged with Murder and Manslaughter found Not Guilty after three-month Jury Trial |
November 22, 2023 - PLG client settles Negligence Case for $375,000 |
September 27, 2023 - PLG Voted one of the "Best in the PNW" in Four Categories |
September 15, 2023 - PLG reaches settlement for Motor Vechicle Accident Victim for $138,500 |
August 18, 2023 - PLG settles Slip and Fall Case for $300,000 |
August 11, 2023 - PLG Attorney Jared Ausserer's client found NOT GUILTY on all five counts |

Whatever your situation – DUI, Criminal Charge, or Personal Injury – PLG is ready to fight for you.

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Puget Law Group honored to be listed in the Inc. 5000’s “Fastest Growing Companies in America”

Puget Law Group honored to be listed in the Inc. 5000's "Fastest Growing Companies in America" list for the FOURTH year in...

Jared Ausserer secures Not Guilty verdict for client erroneously

Jared Ausserer secures Not Guilty verdict for client erroneously charged with Child Molestation.

PLG wins prestigious “Golden Gavel” award – for the second year in a row

PLG wins prestigious "Golden Gavel" award - for the second year in a row - given by the National Trial Lawyers Association....

Expertise and Personalized Seattle Criminal Defense

Puget Law Group prides itself on a team of Seattle criminal defense lawyers who have extensive legal experience and a deep understanding of both prosecution and defense strategies. Many of our criminal defense lawyers, such as Casey Arbenz, who has earned the “SuperLawyer” designation multiple times, are former prosecutors. This insider knowledge equips us to anticipate and counter prosecution tactics effectively.

Our criminal defense lawyers provide personalized defense strategies tailored to the specifics of each case. From the moment you contact us, we commit to understanding every detail of your situation. This personalized approach ensures that your defense is robust and strategically sound. Whether it’s negotiating plea deals or fighting charges in court, we are with you every step of the way in the criminal justice process, and our goal is to protect your rights and future.

Charges Our Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Fight

Since 2013, our team has built strong criminal defense cases for individuals in Seattle facing various serious criminal charges on both the state and federal levels. Our expert criminal defense attorneys have worked on many cases and gained in-depth knowledge regarding several misdemeanor and felony charges.

We’re confident that we have the legal skills and experience required to fight any of the following types of crimes:

  • Homicide: Serious charges that require a meticulous and experienced approach to defense.
  • Domestic violence: Sensitive cases where our attorneys work diligently to protect the rights of the accused while considering the complex dynamics involved.
  • Drug crimes – From possession to trafficking, we understand the nuances of drug laws and mount strong defenses.
  • Sex Offenses crimes: These charges carry severe social and legal consequences, and we provide a strong, confidential defense.
  • Property offenses: Including theft and vandalism, where we aim to minimize legal repercussions.
  • Juvenile offense: Tailored defense strategies that consider the unique aspects of juvenile law.
  • Hunting, fishing, and wildlife offenses
  • Federal charges: Complex cases that require a deep understanding of federal law and procedures.


If you’ve been brought up on one of the charges listed above, a criminal conviction could permanently change your life, result in years of prison time, and make it difficult to find a job. To avoid the worst consequences, contact a criminal defense lawyer from Seattle, WA.


A Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Negotiate a Plea Deal

When you work with a Seattle criminal defense lawyer from our team, they’ll let you know if a plea deal is on the table and help you determine if a deal is fair. A plea deal is when you plead guilty to a lesser offense instead of enduring the consequences of your initial charge.

Our team can negotiate with prosecutors to obtain a fair plea bargain on your behalf and answer any questions you have about the process. Our firm has negotiated many favorable plea deals for individuals brought up on criminal charges throughout Seattle.

You can rely on us to determine if a deal is worth it and negotiate a deal that works for you. That said, if an appropriate deal isn’t offered, we can still defend you in court and work hard to protect you from your charges.


Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer Approach

Our approach to Seattle criminal defense cases involves several key actions to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients:

  • Thorough Investigation: We meticulously investigate the charges, gather evidence, and build a compelling case.
  • Evidence Collection: This includes obtaining witness statements, physical evidence, digital forensic evidence, and more.
  • Legal Strategy Development: Based on our findings, we craft a strategic defense plan aimed at disproving charges or reducing their severity.
  • Court Representation: Our attorneys are skilled litigators who will fight aggressively in court to protect your rights.
  • Plea Negotiation: When appropriate, we negotiate with prosecutors to secure favorable plea deals that reduce the potential penalties.
  • Ongoing Support: We offer continuous guidance and are always available to answer your questions and provide updates on your case.


Why Choose The Seattle Criminal Defense Law Firm at Puget Law Group?

When you choose our law firm, that means having a dedicated team of criminal lawyers in your corner. Our proven track record includes numerous cases where clients have been acquitted or had charges significantly reduced. Our firm is not only one of the fastest-growing criminal defense teams in the U.S. but we are also recognized for our excellence in client service and legal expertise.

Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys Protecting Your Freedoms

The criminal defense lawyers at Puget Law are a trusted name in the Seattle legal community, known for their dedication in safeguarding their clients’ freedom. With a solid reputation in criminal defense, their team of skilled attorneys brings a wealth of experience and expertise.

Puget Law prides itself on its vast areas of expertise in criminal defense. Our attorneys specialize in a broad range of cases, including but not limited to DUI, drug offenses, assault, theft, and domestic violence. They possess an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the criminal justice system, allowing them to develop effective defense strategies tailored to each unique situation.

Our unwavering dedication to pursuing optimal client outcomes sets Puget Law apart. Our attorneys tirelessly fight for their clients’ rights, leaving no stone unturned in the quest for justice. We work meticulously to review the evidence, analyze the case from multiple angles, and aggressively challenge the prosecution’s arguments. With the client’s best interests at heart, we strive to achieve favorable results through negotiations, dismissals, or trial victories in state or federal courts.

Choosing Puget Law means entrusting your freedom and future to seasoned criminal defense lawyers who have earned their reputation in the legal community. Our criminal attorneys provide top-tier legal counsel and are committed to achieving only the best outcomes for our clients.


Our Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Highly Qualified

Our criminal defense team consists of 11 attorneys and nine former prosecutors. Our founder and former prosecutor has tried over fifty trials to the jury, winning the vast majority of them while leading Puget Law Group to become the fastest-growing Criminal Defense firm in the U.S.

Casey Arbenz won his first eight trials and has added dozens more throughout a stellar 11-year career, recently earning him the coveted “SuperLawyer” designation for 2019, 2020, and 2021, as well as for 2021 and South Sound Magazine’s “Best Lawyer.”

The attorneys at our law firm work as a team, putting their collective skills and experience to work defending those accused of criminal offenses. When you have a Puget Law Group attorney, you truly have an entire defense in your corner.