Bellevue Criminal Defense Lawyer

Puget Law Group serves the greater Pacific Northwest to bring consummate criminal representation to clients in need. If you find yourself contending with unfounded accusations of misconduct, our Bellevue criminal defense attorneys will step in and fight for you.

Our team doesn’t hesitate to tackle complicated cases, no matter what the charges brought against you look like. We bring a prosecutor’s perspective to your case thanks to our years spent on the other side of the bench. 

Let one of Inc. Magazine’s “Fastest Growing” criminal defense teams stand up for you in criminal court. Get in touch today with a Bellevue criminal defense lawyer for a free case evaluation.

We don’t Shy Away from Hard Cases

Our team understands that today’s criminal cases can vary from minor to severe. We make an effort to help parties facing all kinds of charges, including some of the most serious. You can count on our team to help you navigate accusations of:

  • Homicide
  • Sex crimes
  • Domestic violence charges
  • Crimes involving firearms
  • Drug charges
  • Property charges
  • Court order violations
  • White-collar and federal crimes

Come to us today to openly and honestly discuss the charges brought against you. You can count on Puget Law Group to respectfully address your concerns while crafting a thorough defense.

We Know How to Challenge the Charges Brought Against You

Our team spent years on the other side of the bench prosecuting parties in your position. What does that mean for you today? It means that we know how the prosecution thinks. We bring that experience to your defense, carefully preparing our arguments to counter the questions and suppositions we anticipate the prosecution asking.

We will challenge the charges brought against you on multiple fronts, including the following:

Challenging the Validity of Evidence

The prosecution has an obligation to meet the state’s burden of proof when arguing that you engaged in criminal misconduct. As such, the state’s prosecutors have to go to considerable lengths to find the evidence most relevant to their case.

If the court orders you to trial, the prosecution likely has enough evidence to arouse suspicion against you. That said, our team will call into question the evidence the prosecution continues to bring forward.

We will question the means by which the prosecution obtained the evidence, its relevance to your case, and its validity. For example, we can highlight the questionable nature of alleged witnesses’ memories, particularly the way the framing of the courtroom may influence their opinions.

Challenging Officers’ Conduct at the Scene

There’s also a chance that the officers who arrested you may have invalidated your case from the get-go. Officers must read you your Miranda rights and respect your rights accordingly. Officers must also take specific steps to lawfully come into possession of the evidence needed to meet the state’s burden of proof.

If officers arrested you after unlawfully obtaining evidence of misconduct, or if you suffered unconstitutional injustice at the scene of your arrest, a Bellevue criminal defense lawyer can request that a judge throw out your case.

We Keep You Prepared as Your Case Progresses

You never have to feel out of the loop as your criminal case evolves. Our team recognizes that the conditions and terms set by the court in your DUI case can often appear vague or confusing. You can count on us to clear away any uncertainty you may feel. 

We will also keep you up-to-date as we communicate with legal representatives, including the state’s prosecution. This means that you can rest easy knowing we won’t negotiate a plea deal without discussing your options with you.

Moreover, you can trust us to bring you to court fully prepared for the day’s events. You will never go onto the stand without first practicing questions and answers with our team. While we can’t predict every trick the prosecution may have up its sleeve, our ample experience as prosecutors can help us stay one step ahead of their attempts to discredit you.

You Can Turn to Our Bellevue Team for Post-Conviction Relief

Have you worked with a less-than-skilled defense in the past? Are you wondering how to appeal the court’s decision or otherwise seek post-conviction relief? Let Puget Law Group help. Our team can step in after a court has made its decision and challenge that decision on your behalf.

A criminal defense attorney in Bellevue will help you file an appeal well within the deadline established by the state. We would also advocate for you should you be required to serve jail or prison time, fighting for your right to overcome the accusations brought against you.

You can reach out to our team today to learn more about the post-conviction relief we’ve secured for clients like you.

We don’t Charge Excessively for Legal Representation

Our team doesn’t believe in charging you ludicrous bills in exchange for our services. You shouldn’t have to pay out the nose for the defense protecting your future. 

Instead, a Puget Law Group criminal defense lawyer in Bellevue charges clients like you a flat fee for legal representation. That flat fee covers all of our services. We do not additionally charge you for by-the-hour services, and we will not chase you for extra payments.

Get Professional Criminal Defense Representation in Bellevue, WA, ASAP

Don’t let the deadlines associated with your criminal case get away from you. The sooner you can get an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, the sooner you can advocate for your right to freedom. 

Puget Law Group puts you in contact with a team of experienced former prosecutors who are more than ready to use their experience to your benefit. Our team has successfully defended thousands of clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. We’re ready to go to court on your behalf.

You can contact us today to book a free criminal defense case evaluation.