$300,000 Recovered for Man Assaulted While Leaving Bar

Jan 25, 2022

One evening a few years ago, a man went to an Olympia tavern to watch a friend play acoustic guitar and sing classic folk songs. The evening was to be a laid-back gathering of friends listening to good music and singing along.

However, unbeknownst to this man, the bar’s management had disregarded statutes and administrative regulations regarding proper nightclub security. In fact, rather than employ security experts to make sure law-abiding nightclub patrons were able to safely enjoy the event, the bar had hired a gang of ex-felons to serve as “security.”

Not surprisingly, the “security guards” were foul mouthed and short-tempered. As the man and his wife were exiting the bar, one of the bouncers made a crude remark about the client’s wife. Upon being questioned about the remark, the “bouncer” retorted with a racial epithet and a sucker punch – causing the client to fall to the ground.

The client immediately reached out to Puget Law Group partner Casey Arbenz and his team of personal injury experts. The first step they took was to obtain police reports and run criminal history and background checks on the “bouncers.” Mr. Arbenz worked with police to ensure the bar was cited for its improper security and the assailant was brought to justice.

After the bar was shut down, Mr. Arbenz filed suit on his client’s behalf. He employed a security expert to highlight the deficiencies of the bar’s “security.” Realizing there was no defense to the actions of the bouncers at the bar, the tavern’s insurance company quickly coughed up the $300,000 to settle the case quietly. Our client was very pleased with the result.