Minor Guardianship Trial Victory – Justice Won For a Deserving Family

Dec 31, 2021

After two days of testimony and argument in a minor guardianship trial, PLG Attorney Nathan Trudeau obtained an order from the judge in King County Superior Court, appointing his clients as guardians of their niece immediately following the conclusion of trial.

Our clients were a couple who had suffered a sudden and tragic loss in their tight knit family. Their sister, who was only 33 years old, had died unexpectedly due to catastrophic heart failure related to a genetic defect. Our clients were immediately concerned as to who would care for the nine-year-old daughter she left behind.
Our clients have always been extremely close to their niece, having functionally served as parental figures her entire life. With the sudden passing of their niece’s mother, they wanted legal protection and authority to look out for her best interests and were terrified that her biological father would try to obtain custody of her. The absentee father hadn’t seen or spoken to his daughter in over five years. Our clients had a legitimate fear that he would abduct her and disappear.
After hearing from the witnesses and argument from the parties the Judge wasted no time and minced no words in finding completely in favor of our clients, appointing them as minor guardians and granting them total decision making authority as to the wellbeing of their niece. The Judge concluded it was overwhelmingly clear it was in their niece’s best interest to remain with the family she has known her entire life and that the biological father had no current ability to provide for her care.
Although our focus at PLG is Criminal and DUI defense, and Personal Injury, we are also happy to work on special cases like this seeking a different kind of justice on behalf of our clients.