Second DUI charge in 6 months dismissed

Mar 6, 2019

Shelley was arrested for DUI six months after being arrested previously for the same charge. Because of the new DUI arrest, Shelley’s original attorney advised her that she had no choice but to plead guilty as charged on that first DUI or face high bail for the new charge.

After she plead guilty and was released, Shelley called on Puget Law Group to represent her in her second charge. Dan found several inconsistencies between the trooper’s report, and what was clear on the trooper’s “dash-cam” video. Attempts to negotiate a reduction were unsuccessful, so Dan filed motions to suppress and dismiss for lack of probable cause to arrest.

At the hearing, the prosecutor asked Dan one more time if his client “wanted to plead guilty.” Dan declined – an hour later, the judge agreed that Shelley’s DUI arrest lacked probable cause and dismissed the case.