Payment Options

“How much will all this cost?”

For DUI and criminal defense cases, our fees are typically all-inclusive “flat fees” that include motions and trial. We cannot, of course, give you an exact fee quote without first knowing a bit about your case and other information about you, including any prior DUI and other criminal history. It’s also important to know about the case itself – was there a breath test and if so, what’s the result? Was there an accident? A blood draw? Anyone under 16 in the car at the time? Were there witnesses? Did they – or you – give a statement to police?

For personal injury cases, we typically work on a contingency basis – which means we collect our fees after your case is settled. If we’re not able to obtain a settlement or award, you don’t owe us anything. For more information, see our Personal Injury page.

“What is your hourly rate?”

Like most DUI and criminal defense attorneys, we typically charge a flat fee which means you pay one amount for our legal services. That includes legal research, internal investigation, appearance at court hearings, and (unless otherwise specified) legal writing and preparation for Motion Hearings and Trial.

Other than an optional trial fee and outside legal costs, there’s nothing more to pay. We don’t charge by the hour; we don’t come after you later for more money if your case takes more work than originally thought. We understand that putting your faith and your fate in an attorney’s hands is one of the most important and stressful decisions you can make, which is why we offer complimentary strategy sessions (by phone or in person) to discuss your case and your particular interests.

Once we’ve had a chance to talk, we will have a better idea of what will be involved in your case, and can tell you exactly how much it will cost you.

“Do you offer payment plans?”

Nobody ever plans in advance for a DUI arrest. We know that paying for an attorney when charged with a DUI can be difficult. We will be as flexible as possible with you and work with your budget. We offer payment plans for those clients who qualify, and we accept all major credit cards.

Avoid bargain basement DUI and criminal defense.

We’ve all heard the common adage, “you get what you pay for.” What’s true in business is true with DUI and criminal defense as well. We encourage you to speak with other attorneys and compare. Ask them the tough questions that relate to your case, not just “how much is this going to cost?”

You may find defense attorneys who charge more; you’ll certainly find those who charge less. But when it comes to getting more than what you pay for, we’re confident you won’t find another group of experienced, tenacious defenders anywhere who offer a better value than we do. We can say with confidence that our clients are quite satisfied with their investment.