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Living in the Northwest, boating is a huge part of our lives. Some prefer the fresh-water and the recreational activities it provides. However, injuries on fresh-water lakes are very common and can be catastrophic or deadly. Many boaters drink too much or take drugs. Those out with their families deserve to be able to wake board, water-ski, fish, or just cruise the lake without fear of being hit by boaters driving too fast or who are out of control. Similarly, those swimming in open water should not have to fear being run over by boat drivers who aren’t paying attention.

Boat accidents happen on saltwater too. The Puget Sound is huge but collisions still happen frequently. Like fresh-water collisions, most incidents are the result of intoxication, distraction, or carelessness. The injuries caused by such incidences can be life-altering. Many lawyers will claim to handle boat accidents, but most have never been involved in such cases. They may not be aware of different options for pursuing the at-fault boater’s different insurance policies, including homeowner’s, third-party or automobile policies.

If you, a friend, or a loved one is injured while boating, you need an attorney with experience not only on the water, but in the courtroom handling such cases as well. Call Puget Law Group to schedule a complimentary strategy session with Casey Arbenz, our lead injury attorney. Casey has extensive experience in the courtroom handling boating accident cases. Casey and the entire PLG team will take your case personally and aggressively represent your interests.

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