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Whether you call them “accidents” or “collisions” – when somebody else’s car runs into yours, it can be a life-altering experience. Most lawyers who do personal injury work will handle car accident cases, but not all believe that fundamentally, the “accident” was no accident at all – it was negligence. The other driver’s negligence.

Far too many drivers these days are distracted while driving. They are looking at their cell phones, texting, surfing the internet, eating, drinking, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When their negligence causes you to be injured, you are entitled to just compensation. You are entitled to have your car repaired. You are entitled to have the other driver pay for your hospital visit and all subsequent treatment. You are entitled for compensation to make up for the days of work you missed, the vacations you missed and the psychological impact the collision had on your life.

Nobody likes going to the doctor. Yet insurance companies fundamentally believe that most victims of car collisions exaggerate their injuries. They may advertise that “you’re in good hands” but the reality is that insurance companies are businesses first – and the less they pay you, the more profit they make. It’s a flawed system and not a level playing field. The reality is that an automobile collision can cause a wide range of complex medical conditions. You might have strains or sprains – you might be black and blue. Even worse, you might have fractures, broken bones or soft-tissue damage to your neck or back such as the cervical, lumbar or thoracic spine. Surgery might be required. Additionally, you might suffer a traumatic brain injury, closed head injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis or even death. Over the years we have seen many horrible collisions and we work tirelessly to help our clients recover.

If you’re injured because of somebody else’s negligence, whether it’s a rear-end collision, a t-bone, or some other type of collision – make sure you are fully compensated for your losses.

Call Puget Law Group to schedule a complimentary strategy session with Casey Arbenz, our lead injury attorney. Casey has extensive experience in the courtroom handling car accident cases. Casey and the entire PLG team will take your case personally and aggressively represent your interests.

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