Lawsuits Against Government & Corporate Entities

Corporations are not people. They are business entities registered with the Secretary of State with a primary goal of turning a profit. Most companies are mindful of the public and seek to safely provide products and services to their customers. Governments are the same. Whether they be local municipalities, county governments, the state or even federal agencies – most do a decent job of complying with laws and regulations designed to protect us. Our top personal injury attorney, Casey Arbenz has worked in both the private and public sector. He understands that while most businesses are good and most government workers are just doing their jobs, that greed and bureaucratic laziness can cause serious injuries to the public.

Similarly, our experience has shown us that many companies and governing bodies take shortcuts to save money and maximize profits. They hire unskilled or untrained laborers. They ignore regulations aimed at making products safe. They work good employees to the bone and put them in the position of working longer or harder than they should. They take calculated risks – oftentimes even accepting that some in the public will be injured or even killed – that will still allow them to turn a profit so long as they can modestly settle the accompanying lawsuits. Sometimes they know of a problem employee – someone who is hurting people or acting recklessly, and they fail to act. They may later claim ignorance, but deep down, they know that a good attorney might dig up damning internal communication. Sometimes they will hire or implement lousy security, or have no security at all. Sometimes police officers need to be fired but they are protected and allowed to stay on the force to the peril of the public.

If you feel that a company or corporation has acted or failed to act in a manner that has caused you or a loved one to be injured, call us anytime. Similarly, if you think your injuries might necessitate a lawsuit against the government, be sure to call Puget Law Group to schedule a complimentary strategy session with Casey Arbenz, our lead injury attorney. Casey has extensive experience in the courtroom handling corporate / government liability cases; he and the entire PLG team will take your case personally and aggressively represent your interests.

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