Dept of Licensing (DOL) Hearing Attorneys in Washington State

If you are arrested of a DUI, you face a mandatory license suspension by the Department of Licensing (DOL). It is important to speak with an attorney immediately following a DUI arrest – even if you have not yet been charged in court. If you want a hearing to challenge your suspension, you must apply for your hearing to the Department of Licensing within 7 days of your arrest date, regardless of whether you’ve even received a court date. The officer should have provided you with a copy of the form; if not, you can download it at the Department of Licensing website.

If you fail to request a hearing within 20 days, your license will automatically be suspended by DOL 30 days after your arrest date. The stakes are high even for a first-time offense – 90 days for a breath test over .08, and a full year simply because the arresting officer decided that you refused to take the test.

You need a defense attorney skilled and experienced with DOL Hearings who can focus their attention on your particular case. The DUI Defense attorneys at Puget Law Group have the skills, experience, and legal knowledge necessary to give you your best defense. As former DUI prosecutors, we have handled over a thousand DOL administrative hearings, successfully arguing against suspension in countless cases.

And if your suspension is upheld, we will lead you through the process of obtaining SR-22 insurance and applying for an Ignition Interlock License (IIL), so that you can continue driving even during your suspension period.

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Physical control charge dismissed

Adam was charged with marijuana-DUI, after client was found “passed out” in his car, with the vehicle in drive, and upon contact, was groggy, disoriented, and slow responding to officer commands, all of which the police thought showed impairment. The police also smelled burnt marijuana and claimed they saw Adam had a green tongue.

The police went and got a warrant for Adam’s blood. We were convinced there would be no marijuana in his system, and that he was just sleeping in the car.

We waited patiently for the blood test results to come back, and when they did, they showed Adam had nothing illegal in his system. We persuaded the prosecutors they didn’t have a case, and they dismissed the charges.

I got a DUI for the first time. The thing I was most worried about was my license being suspended. I didn’t want to have to get an Ignition Interlock Device on my car, partly because I didn’t want anyone (especially my mother) to know about this. But Dan found several problems with how the officer handled the breath test in my case. Dan got my DOL suspension dismissed! Thank you, Dan!”

John (DUI Client)