Hunting, Fishing, and Wildlife Laws in Washington State

Washington State’s lands and waterways offer premier fishing and hunting opportunities for individuals year around. Fishing and Hunting laws in Washington State include both criminal (potential jail) and civil penalties. The laws governing fishing, hunting, and wildlife regulations are expansive with serious consequences, wherein those accused are subject to potential jail time, fines, suspension of fishing and hunting privileges, civil forfeiture; and even a loss of the right to possess firearms. Those accused of violating fish and hunting regulations should immediately contact our skilled defense team for legal advice.

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“We were very happy with the excellent counsel and representation we received from Puget Law Group. Our case was complex and challenging, involving 3 different county courts and sentencing and some unexpected twists and turns. Through it all, we were in frequent communication with Dan and PLG, seeking advice and understanding about pending court appearances and sentencing. They guided us to about as good a conclusion as we could have hoped for.”

Sherry (DUI Defense)