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Accusations involving a sex offense in Washington State can range from rape, failing to register as a sex offender and a multitude of crimes eligible for sexual motivation enhancement, such as assault. The penalties and consequences for sex offenses in Washington State are severe and life altering. The most common long-term consequence associated with a conviction for a sex offense is a sex offender registration requirement. Sex offenses have serious legal penalties and consequences require counsel as early as possible, even if the accused has not been charged with a crime though under investigation. Our strong legal defense team will protect your rights and counsel with compassion.

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Pump and dump scheme in violation of sec regulations = no jail time

Over a several-year period, Casey fought for a client accused of being involved in a “pump and dump” scheme in violation of SEC regulations and federal laws. The client was charged with several felonies as well as sued civilly by the SEC. The client entered a guilty plea and the government sought a two-year prison sentence. The court rejected the government’s request in favor of Casey’s argument that his client receive no jail or prison time. Additionally Casey settled the SEC civil case in a manner that was pleasing to his client.

“Casey Arbenz did an excellent job of assisting me recently. Professional & extremely courteous, I highly recommend him!”