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Put quite simply, a truck accident is no accident. Those who drive trucks are required by law to have a Commercial Driver’s License. They are required to have special training every year. Their employers are required to carry extra insurance for one simple reason: a commercial truck is a very large, and very heavy piece of equipment. Your passenger vehicle is no match for a sixteen-wheeler and if you are hit, you are very likely to need serious medical attention. Most truck drivers are excellent at what they do. Most get fired if they ever cause an accident.

Thus, if you are hit, it was probably the product of a sub-standard driver, or a company that took shortcuts in who they hired. Similarly, while most companies take pride in making sure their vehicles are well-maintained some try to save money by not performing basic repairs. When a million-dollar company tries to save a few bucks by letting their trucks tires go bald, and it leads to you or a loved one getting injured, you need to hold the driver, and the company, accountable.

Some lawyers will claim to be “accident” lawyers. Sure, they may have helped a few people who were rear-ended. However, not all lawyers have experience suing trucking companies. Not all lawyers have taken CEO’s to task for implementing policies that put innocent lives at risk. We have.

If you were injured as a result of a truck accident, you need an attorney. Make sure you hire one who has experience with such cases. Call Puget Law Group to schedule a complimentary strategy session with Casey Arbenz, our lead injury attorney. Casey has extensive experience in the courtroom handling truck accident cases. Casey and the entire PLG team will take your case personally and aggressively represent your interests.

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Casey took my case even though he wasn’t sure about it. It was kind of a weird case. He was really supportive and made me feel like he was on my side even though the facts were not always completely clear. He is patient, friendly and knowledgeable. And he managed to get me everything I wanted out of the situation.”

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