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Losing a loved one is hard. The sense of loss can be overwhelming. The grief can be debilitating. When a loved one is killed by someone else, someone who was negligent or reckless, the grief can boil over into anger. If the death was intentional, the anger can be too much to take. At Puget Law Group we understand the emotional toll the death of a loved one can have on the survivors. We strive to provide a sympathetic environment for our clients that is low pressure and accommodating. After all, the last thing you need when grieving is to deal with pushy or neurotic lawyers. At the same time we recognize that our clients are vulnerable. Insurance companies will be quick to try and settle things before the facts surrounding your loved one’s death have been fully investigated. We will not hesitate to push back. We will not hesitate to push back hard. Our role in helping a grieving family is to ensure that the memory of the deceased is preserved and the family’s financial legacy can be maintained.

In Washington, there are limits to who can recover in an action for wrongful death. The Revised Code of Washington, or RCW for Wrongful Death/RCW Wrongful Death is: RCW 4.20. It limits wrongful death actions to:

  • Surviving Spouse or Registered Domestic Partner of the deceased person
  • Children or Stepchildren of the deceased person

However, if the deceased person did not have any of the above, an action may be brought by the parents or siblings of the deceased under certain circumstances. The law allows for many different types of damages in wrongful death cases, such as:

  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of care and protection
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of love
  • Loss of consortium

At Puget Law Group, our top-rated wrongful death attorney Casey Arbenz brings over ten years of experience handling wrongful death cases. He will fight to ensure the legacy of your loved one is protected. Feel free to call for a complimentary strategy session, where we can show you how we can help you.

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I hired Casey Arbenz and he helped me with my case. Casey was extremely professional, tailored his expertise to my needs & made me feel very comfortable, even while dealing with a very troublesome issue.”

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