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If you’ve recently been arrested in Seattle for DUI or other alcohol-related driving offense, you know first-hand how stressful and scary it can be. Let’s face it – getting pulled over is scary. Getting arrested for DUI is terrifying.

You need an experienced Seattle DUI attorney in your corner fighting for you. Our Puget Law Group defense team, which includes nine former DUI prosecutors, has successfully defended thousands of clients charged with DUI and related offenses in Seattle, and throughout Western Washington. As a result, Puget Law Group is the largest and highest rated DUI Defense Firm in the Pacific Northwest.


Our DUI defense team consists of eleven attorneys, nine of whom are former prosecutors.

PLG Founder Dan Gerl has taken over fifty trials before a jury, winning the vast majority of them. Founding Partner Casey Arbenz won his first eight trials and has added dozens more over a stellar 15 year career, recently earning him the coveted “SuperLawyer®” designation.  And Founding Partner Jared Ausserer served as Chief Criminal Deputy with the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office – that office’s second highest position – before joining PLG in 2019.

PLG Partner Christopher Kattenhorn heads up our Seattle office. Prior to Chris joining PLG in 2022, he was a partner with Kirk Cowan Kattenhorn, a highly respected Eastside DUI Defense firm. Having focused exclusively on DUI Defense, Chris brings a wealth of unique skill and experience to our Team.

Over the past decade, our DUI Team has obtained reductions, dismissals, and not guilty verdicts for thousands of clients. When you hire PLG as your Seattle DUI attorney, you truly have an entire DUI defense team in your corner.

Seattle DUI Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you lose your license for a DUI in Washington?

The Washington State Department of Licensing automatically suspends a license from 90 days to two years for a DUI arrest. Unless you request a hearing, this occurs 60 days after the date of the arrest. Hearing requests need to be made within seven days of the arrest. For DUI convictions, licenses are suspended between 90 days and four years. Severity of the incident and prior offenses factor into the length of suspension. Suspensions begin 45 days after conviction.

How long will a DUI stay on my driving record?

DUI convictions remain on driving records permanently in the State of Washington. They are not eligible for expungement from driving records under Revised Code of Washington 9.96.060.

Is DUI a felony in Washington?

A felony DUI in Washington occurs if:

  • A driver has four or more prior DUI related offenses within 10 years
  • A driver has a previous conviction for vehicular assault or vehicular homicide while under the influence
  • A driver has a previous felony DUI conviction

At Puget Law Group, we believe you shouldn’t have to pay us extra to go the extra mile. This is why we typically charge a flat fee. One fee covers our services and there is nothing more to pay.

This includes DOL representation, motion hearings, and even going to trial. We don’t charge by the hour and we don’t come after you later for more money if your case takes more work than originally thought. And we never plead clients out just to resolve a case.

We understand that putting your faith and your fate in a Seattle DUI attorney’s hands is one of the most important and stressful decisions you can make, which is why Puget Law Group offers a Complimentary Strategy Session, either by phone or in person, to discuss your case and your particular concerns. Once we’ve had a chance to talk, we will have a better idea of what will be involved in your case, and can tell you exactly how much it will cost you.

Nobody ever plans in advance for a DUI arrest. We know that paying for an attorney when charged with a DUI can be difficult. We will be as flexible as possible with you and work with your budget. We offer payment plans for those clients who qualify, and we accept all major credit cards.

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I absolutely loved working this firm. PLG and Dan helped me with so much and got my DUI reduced to a Negligent Driving and my fine reduced significantly. They were very persistent and easy to contact with multiple contact methods, they made sure I was up to date so I wasn’t left wondering what was happening. Not to mention they are reasonably priced and are extremely flexible with payments and payment plans. They made this process so much less stressful for me and I can’t express how grateful I was to have PLG and Dan by my side through this experience. I would definitely recommend either of them to handle your case.”

Katrina (DUI Client)