Alison Horne



Alison Horne brings over 25 years of professional accounting experience to Puget Law Group specializing in accurate personal client support. After working in Seattle and Bellingham until recently, Alison returned to the Tacoma area to set up roots where she grew up and to be near her family.

Alison is an avid traveler having visited 16 countries so far and is keen to keep the travel bug alive to continue exploring the world. Her favorite country by far has been New Zealand where she spent two months loving the food, people and hiking a number of the famous tracks. Ireland and the excellent pub and traditional music culture also hold a fond place in her heart.

She grew up sailing with her parents and then switched to powerboating, living on a number of boats over the years and having the great pleasure of boating in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand and along the coast of Croatia on a friend’s Nordhavn.

Alison enjoyed living for a year in the beautiful San Juan Islands on an island where she was one of 50 full time residents spending time with family and friends, crabbing, kayaking, and cooking paella over the campfire.

Her passion for life is surpassed only by her passion for excellence in accounting. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Accounting while working full time at PLG.