Jared Ausserer



With over 20 years of trial experience, Jared has observed those accused of crimes receive inadequate representation all too often. As a result, he feels compelled to help defend you and your rights. His experience and expertise provide you an advantage in any criminal defense.

Jared was born and raised in Pierce County. While attending Seattle University School of Law he began a two-year intern program at the juvenile division of the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office. Upon graduation Jared accepted a position as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney.

Jared worked for three elected prosecutors over a nearly 20-year career at the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office. He stood out among his peers because of his impressive trial skills and his ability to critically strategize. As a result, Jared experienced a meteoric rise in an office of more than 100 attorneys. He was promoted to the highest classification faster than any attorney in the office.

In recognition of his incredible work ethic and trial skills, Jared was promoted to the Team Chief of the Special Assault Unit, where he was responsible for collaborating with law enforcement agencies to better investigate and ultimately prosecute sex offenses and serious assaults. He was responsible for the modification and adoption of county wide protocols and participated in the training of nurses, caseworkers, and police. Jared has unmatched experience and expertise in this area of law.

Jared was then promoted to Homicide Division Chief following a lengthy term as the Team Chief of the Special Assault Unit. Here, Jared was responsible for oversight on every homicide and death investigation brought to the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office. He worked directly with law enforcement, both state and federal, on investigation strategy and processes. Jared’s experience and expertise in this area are unparalleled.

Jared was promoted to Chief Criminal Deputy following a four-year term as Homicide Division Chief. In this capacity Jared supervised and managed the entire Criminal Division of the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office, the very same people that will be prosecuting you. Jared understands the practices, policies, and procedures like no other defense attorney because no other defense attorney has been in the trenches like he has.

Jared has also held a variety of trial positions, including rotations as the DUI Supervisor, a rotation in the robbery and assault unit, and a rotation in the gang unit. He can handle any criminal case with the unique skills, experience, and expertise that no other possesses. Let him help you.