John Sheeran



John Sheeran graduated from Bellevue High in 1982 and Whitman College in 1986. After running his own business for a couple of years, John went into commercial real estate for four years before going to law school in Tacoma, graduating from Seattle University School of Law in 1996.

John worked as a deputy prosecuting attorney for 22 years. He prosecuted cases where the defendants were charged with everything from rape and murder to drugs, DUIs and domestic violence. John also argued cases before the Court of Appeals and the State Supreme Court.

After two decades working as a prosecutor, John started his own practice as a criminal defense attorney, now working to protect the rights of the accused. As a defense attorney John has represented defendants charged with murder, rape, three strikes, domestic violence, drugs and DUI.

After three and a half years, John enthusiastically joined the team at Puget Law Group. His skills and experience as a former career prosecutor are a tremendous addition to an already formidable team of ex-prosecutors. “Nothing makes me prouder than protecting people from an over zealous government,” says John. “We all have the right to be presumed innocent, and when the State comes at you, it is important to have a lawyer willing to fight back.”