Felony charges reduced to misdemeanors, then dismissed

Mar 6, 2019

Fed up with his oldest daughter’s lack of respect towards her parents, Jack was feeling exasperated with how to get through to his daughter. In an attempt to instill discipline in his daughter, and convey the seriousness of breaking house rules, Jack grabbed a serrated knife and made jabbing gestures towards his daughter. The State also accused Jack of grabbing his wife by the throat and pushing her.

After being questioned by police and Jack admitting he threatened his daughter, he was charged with felony domestic violence charge of threatening to kill, and two assault charges of his wife and daughter.

Our team questioned the family members and found inconsistencies in reporting, fleshed out the dynamics that led up to these events, as well as the cultural aspects of this case. Jack faced Domestic Violence charges that could have led to a felony conviction on his record and jail. Instead, were able to successfully advocate for no jail, no felony on his record, and after having no issues in the community after 12 months’ time, Jack received a dismissal on all charges.