Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested or are facing criminal charges, you need a team of experienced lawyers in your corner fighting for you. At Puget Law Group, our criminal defense law firm has over 150 years of combined experience defending clients charged with criminal offenses.

We’ve obtained positive verdicts for thousands of clients, so we’re confident that a Seattle criminal defense lawyer from our firm will have what it takes to protect you from devastating penalties like fines and jail time. Reach out to our legal team today to get the relentless and effective representation you need to win your case.

Charges Our Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Fight

Since 2013, our team has built strong defense cases for individuals facing a variety of serious charges. We’ve worked on many different types of cases and have gained in-depth knowledge regarding a number of misdemeanor and felony charges.

We’re confident that we have the legal skill and experience required to fight any of the following types of charges

If you’ve been brought up on one of the charges listed above, a criminal conviction could permanently change your life, result in years of prison time, and make it difficult to find a job. To avoid the worst consequences, reach out to a criminal defense lawyer from Seattle, WA. 

How a Criminal Attorney in Seattle, WA, Can Make Your Defense Case Successful

Our Seattle criminal defense lawyers have handled many cases just like yours and will know what must be done to get the results you deserve. Once an attorney from our team has met with you to discuss your situation, they’ll develop a legal strategy and take every action required to protect you from a conviction.

Here’s what our team can do to make your case as successful as possible:

  • Investigate your charges 
  • Collect evidence, including witness statements, physical evidence, footage, DNA evidence, fingerprints, digital forensic evidence, and more.
  • Build a strong defense case on your behalf
  • Use evidence to prove your innocence or demonstrate that your current charges are unfair
  • Negotiate reduced charges
  • Fight to protect you from severe consequences in court
  • Offer guidance and maintain availability to answer your questions

Taking the steps listed above can be difficult and requires a team of experienced representatives who have access to important resources and investigative experts. Don’t attempt to navigate the legal process without a seasoned representative.

A lawyer from our firm will not only complete the above-mentioned actions on your behalf but will also dramatically increase your chances of receiving a fair verdict or plea deal.

A Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Negotiate a Plea Deal

When you work with a criminal defense lawyer from our team in Seattle, they’ll let you know if a plea deal is on the table and help you determine if a deal is fair. A plea deal refers to when you plead guilty to a lesser offense instead of enduring the consequences associated with your initial charge.

Our team can negotiate with prosecutors to obtain a fair plea bargain on your behalf and answer any questions you have about the process. Our firm has negotiated many favorable plea deals for individuals brought up on criminal charges throughout Washington State.

You can rely on us to determine if a deal is worth it and negotiate a deal that works for you. That said, if an appropriate deal isn’t offered, we can still defend you in court and work hard to protect you from the charges you’re facing. 

Our Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys Are Highly Qualified

Our criminal defense team consists of 11 attorneys, nine of whom are former prosecutors. Our founder and former prosecutor, Dan Gerl, has taken over fifty trials to the jury, winning the vast majority of them while leading Puget Law Group to become the fastest-growing Criminal Defense firm in the U.S.

Casey Arbenz won his first eight trials and has added dozens more throughout a stellar 11-year career, recently earning him the coveted “SuperLawyer” designation for 2019, 2020, and 2021, as well as for 2021 and South Sound Magazine’s “Best Lawyer.”

The attorneys at our law firm work as a team, putting their collective skills and experience to work defending those accused of criminal offenses. When you have a Puget Law Group attorney, you truly have an entire defense in your corner. 

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether you’ve been charged with a violent crime, drug possession, felony theft crime, drunk driving, or another offense, you need a team of attorneys with a great deal of criminal defense experience. At Puget Law Group, we have that and more. Our team has the experience, legal knowledge, and resources required to get the best results possible for your case.

Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation with a Seattle criminal defense attorney and get started on your case. If you decide to hire us, we’ll fight your charges relentlessly and do everything we can to give you the outcome and the future you deserve.