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In Washington State drug crimes cover a broad range of conduct and touch all corners of our communities. Drug crimes generally encompasses the conduct of possession, manufacturing, distribution and solicitation. The punishments also range significantly based upon the schedule of drug and conduct involved. Drug crimes have ravaged our communities and now courts have created new paths to deal with drug crimes and related conduct. Our defense team will work to obtain the best result, fighting for those accused of crimes associated with drug use and drug users.

Drug Possession

Drug Possession cases typically involve smaller amounts of drugs found on the person or in a person’s home or vehicle. If the amount of drugs found is small, it might suggest “personal use” rather than distribution or what might be considered “drug dealing” amounts. The packaging of the drugs can be significant. If drugs are in multiple baggies, or if a scale is involved, a small amount of drugs might still be the basis of a distribution type charge. On the other hand, if the drugs are accompanied by “paraphernalia” – a smoking device, pipe, bong, etc. – it is easier to argue that the quantity was for “personal use.” The benefit of the “personal use” distinction is that your attorney may be able to settle your case as a misdemeanor or get you into “drug court” or some other sentence that focuses on treatment versus prison or other more serious punishments.

Possession with Intent to Deliver

Possession with Intent to Deliver (PWID) charges are more serious. Such allegations are associated with “drug trafficking” or “drug dealing.” Police and prosecutors take these charges very seriously and will vigorously prosecute such allegations to keep drugs of the streets. Sometimes however, such charges are overblown. A person might be dealing small quantities to support their own personal use. A good attorney will understand the seriousness of such charges and the need to show the drugs were not intended for children, etc.

Drug Trafficking

Federal Drug Trafficking and/or conspiracy to commit drug trafficking (see Offenses in Federal Court) charges are very serious. Many of these charges involve mandatory sentences. Most defendants in such cases are charged as part of a conspiracy. One may be charged with conspiracy to commit drug trafficking even if he/she only possessed the drugs for a short period of time and unfortunately, a person in that situation may be in as much trouble as a hardened drug kingpin. If you are charged with being part of a conspiracy it is crucial that you hire an attorney well-versed in federal law who has defended numerous drug conspiracy cases.

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Second degree assault with firearm enhancement dismissed

Casey assisted a client being prosecuted for assault in the second degree with a firearm enhancement in King County Superior Court (Regional Justice Center). The client was also charged with a misdemeanor assault. By way of negotiation with the prosecutor, Casey was able to have the felony assault 2 charge and the corresponding 24 month sentencing enhancement dismissed upon a plea to the misdemeanor. The client was very pleased with Casey’s work in helping him avoid a felony conviction and prison time.

Highly satisfied with the experience of hiring an attorney at Puget Law Group. I had been calling around a few places to hire a attorney for my boyfriend who had been arrested on driving with a suspended license that ended him going to jail, and also old DUIs that were in three different counties, and a lot of attorneys not really wanting to take on the cases due to them being old.

My attorney gave me a phone call that made everything look like a good change was going to happen. He was straightforward and responsive on how everything was going, and on top of keeping me posted and aware of any changes along the way. He was determined to have a change in the cases he had took on; he was able to get my boyfriend less jail time and his cases successfully closed. Again, I highly recommend hiring them.”

John (DUI Client)