Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse survivors are far too frequently ignored in our criminal justice system. Even if their abusers are criminally prosecuted, many survivors feel that the sentences were too lenient and that the neither the prosecutor nor the judge really listened or cared about their experience. The physical, mental and emotional toll sexual abuse can have on a survivor can last for years, even decades. The true cost of the abuse is incalculable.

Laws in Washington do provide remedies for sexual abuse survivors. However, there may be restrictions in the amount of time that can pass before bringing an action.

If the survivor is an adult, the statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases is three years from when the survivor first recognized the impact the sexual abuse had on his/her life. If the survivor is a child, there is no statute of limitations.

At Puget Law Group, we fight to hold sexual abusers accountable for their actions through our civil justice system. We also hold accountable those who protected abusers or who were negligent in allowing them access to their victims. Our sexual abuse attorney, Casey Arbenz has extensive experience representing survivors of sexual abuse and has obtained numerous settlements on their behalf.

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, sexual molestation, rape or any other sexual offense, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will fight to hold your abuser(s) accountable.