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Property Offenses

In Washington State those accused, arrested or charged with property crimes require professional, skilled and fierce legal defense to achieve a favorable outcome. Legal representation from the beginning and throughout the legal process involving property crimes ensures the accused rights are best protected. Our defense team is equipped to provide the legal understanding of the process whether defended through the trial courts or resolved within the different therapeutic courts.

Property offenses can be classified in different ways. Some contend petty thefts and shoplifting are “blue collar” crimes. In Washington, depending on the value of what was stolen, a defendant may be charged with Theft in the first, second or third degree. Other forms of theft, such as identity theft and fraud are also serious and can be charged as felonies. All theft charges are known as “crimes of dishonesty” and can have lasting implications on a person’s ability to get a job and how he/she is treated if charged with subsequent crimes or forced to testify in a trial. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the theft, a skilled attorney may be able to have the case dismissed upon repayment of the property or have the charges substantially reduced.

White Collar crimes typically involve theft, fraud or embezzlement from a company or the government. Almost always, such charges involve losses of significant amounts of money. While each case is unique, the reason for the theft might form the basis of a lenient outcome. Payback of the amount taken may also lead to dismissal or reduction of the charges. Such cases are complex and typically involve numerous pages of bank records, tax records, accounting logs, etc. If you are facing such a charge make sure to find an attorney experienced in handling large quantities of discovery who can efficiently navigate such cases.

Harassment & assault = not guilty at trial

Noland was bumped in the bathroom of a crowded, public area, in close quarters. Thinking nothing of it, he went to the sink to wash his hands. That’s when he realized the man who had bumped into him was angrily staring him down. Telling him in so many words to buzz off, he tried to go about his business, at which point he was confronted by the man and his friend, who followed, and interrogated our client. In an effort to stand up for himself during a scary encounter, he made a statement that the prosecutors argued was a threat to the man’s safety. The prosecutor also charged Noland with assault for the encounter in the bathroom.

We argued that the bump in the bathroom was accidental and the State had failed to show the act was intentional; we then argued that the man that pursued Noland was not in reasonable fear of him at all. If anything, the victim was Noland!

The jury agreed. After a 40 minute deliberation, we got a not guilty verdict on both counts.

If you have a pending property offense, call our Tacoma DUI lawyers now.